Greenyard boosts its pure-plant product range with the acquisition of Gigi Gelato.


A commercial springboard
Greenyard’s acquisition of Gigi Gelato is a perfect match, as both companies share the same vision for healthy, convenient products that are purely powered by plants. Greenyard aims to use its close and integrated relationships with Europe’s leading retailers and Foodservice partners to serve as a commercial springboard for this new product category within frozen fruits and vegetables. The team that founded Gigi Gelato will remain on board to support the product's commercial strategy and innovation process.

"This is an important step in our journey to market innovative and convenient products that stimulate the consumption of fruit and vegetables. By expanding our frozen product range, we can now provide broader market availability for this revolutionary pure-plant product innovation. With the support of the original founders and our inhouse expertise, we are confident Gigi Gelato will be a formidable contender for the ice cream industry,” says Kobe Vanhaecke, Greenyard Frozen Belgium’s Commercial Director.



Healthy, tasty, and a genuine gamechanger within the frozen snack category
By bringing healthy, accessible, and convenient products to the market, Greenyard aims to increase the overall fruit and vegetable consumption. This is an integral part of the company’s ambition to improve life for people and planet. Gigi, a gelato which is a pure-plant product, entirely fits within that ambition. It provides an answer to today’s consumer search for healthier alternatives in indulgence products, like ice-cream.

Moreover, the unique combination of fruit and vegetables, based on the latest trends in food pairing, makes for deliciously surprising, tasty flavour combinations. Being pure-plant, it can be enjoyed without giving consumers the slightest sense of guilt. It genuinely brings the Italian gelato tradition and values to a whole new level. A healthy, vegan alternative with the authentic creamy sorbet-like palate.

Three surprising flavour combinations are currently available:
• Strawberry, blueberry and beetroot
• Mango, passion fruit and fennel
• Ginger, orange and carrot


Each of the flavours are currently sold in packs of three lollies, each weighing 70 grams.