Current demand of European consumers and its impact on agricultural production

On 17th January the Syngenta-Greenyard-Laimund-Conference was organized under the title 'Biodiversity as a key element for Almeria's agrosystem.

During this conference, Maria Fernanda Campa, Head of Quality Department of Greenyard Fresh Spain, gave a speech on the topic: "Current demand of European consumers and its impact on agricultural production." The trend in the European demand increasingly points to the need for even more detailed information on foods. In this context, maintaining and even strengthening the practices not only supports the preservation and promotion of biodiversity in the agricultural environment but also gives an important response to consumer concerns about the sustainability and to the customers' requirement to the enhancement of biodiversity.

Since its implementation in the Spanish agricultural areas, Greenyard Fresh Spain supports the initiative "Operation Pollinator" to guarantee to its customers and at least to the final consumer long term biodiversity in the growing areas and the sustainability of the generated goods.