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Rice pudding with forest fruit compote (Vegan)
Ingredients (for 6 people)
For the rice pudding:
150 g round rice
1 L rice, almond or soy milk or a mix of these 3
40g blond cane sugar
1 vanilla pod

For the compote:
500 g forest fruits (keep some berries aside for garnish),
250 g brown sugar

Preparation method

Put the forest fruits and sugar in a saucepan, cook over low heat until the fruit is soft.
Let it cool down.
For the rice pudding: cut the vanilla pod in half and scrape the vanilla.
Bring the milk to a simmer with the vanilla seeds, vanilla pod and sugar.
Let the milk reduce.
Add the frozen rice to the pan. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes.
Let the rice cool down, if the rice pudding is a bit too liquid, add 50g rice flour to bind it.

Arrange the forest fruit compote and rice pudding in a glass, garnish with red fruit and mint.
Serve the rice pudding warm or cold.



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