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The Greenyard Frozen Quality Laws
Not a single pea escapes our control
The Greenyard Frozen Quality Laws
1. Not a single pea escapes our control
The quality of our vegetables is scrutinized, from field to plate. This means that not even a pea – or green bean or Brussels sprout – can escape our control.

In the field our agronomists and farmers take crop samples regularly and monitor the growth. As soon as a load of vegetables or fruit arrives at our processing plant, our quality teams check the variety and size and check the harvest for possible damage.

During production process our vegetables go through several cleaning stages, which are followed by visual inspections. Each production site has its own labs, where products undergo a series of tests (physical inspection and tests to determine chemical and bacteriological properties).

We use high-tech systems (infra-red, lasers, magnets and metal detection) to prevent foreign material from entering our products during production or during the packaging stage. Naturally, visual inspection remains important. During a final test in the laboratory, the composition, weight and the labels are checked.
The Greenyard Frozen Quality Laws
2. Respect for natural quality
Nature produces tasty, healthy, pure vegetables and fruit. And Greenyard Frozen preserves them, without the use of any additives. By minimizing the distance between field and factory, and freezing all of our products very quickly, all their nutrients, vitamins and flavours are locked in. There are no additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours: the frozen vegetables are pure, natural and perfectly preserved for you to enjoy. In fact, our research and development teams are continuously looking for ways to further enhance the natural flavour and texture of our products.
Respect for natural quality
100% traceability
The Greenyard Frozen Quality Laws
3. 100% traceability

Would you like to know which farmer cultivated your carrots? No problem. Greenyard Frozen has a huge database with details of each crop. When the vegetables arrive at the plant, they get a unique batch number that is automatically tracked during the entire production process. As a result, we know exactly what type of product is located where, in which quantity, both during the actual processing and later in the warehouses. If the products are shipped to the customer, this data is also logged into the IT system. This makes sure we can perfectly track where and when your carrots were planted and harvested.
Quality & Sustainability
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Certified Quality
Quality & Sustainability
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Quality & Sustainability
State-of-the-art instant freezing technology pauses the vegetables and fruits at the peak of perfection, preserving colour, texture, flavour and nutrients until consumers are ready to enjoy them.