Innovation -
Exploring new ways to enjoy fruit & vegetables

Innovation is the key to help more people enjoy the many benefits of fruit and vegetables. We are constantly looking for new ways to delight and surprise consumers.

Inspiring the consumer – surfing the food waves
People are increasingly conscious about what they eat and the effect of their eating habits on their health and their environment. Consumption patterns are rapidly evolving, in line with new lifestyles. With new trends emerging every day, it is hard to tell what our future diet will look like. One thing is sure, though. Fruit and vegetables will play a key role.
Fresh snacks
Ready-made bean dishes in pouch
Pulses are increasingly popular with consumers. They add extra bite and flavor to any meal and provide vegetarians with an alternative, plant-based source of proteins. To further stimulate consumption, Greenyard Prepared has now added a range of ready-made bean dishes in pouch packaging to its offering. The dishes combine pulses with herbs, other vegetables and a variety of tasty sauces.
Meal kits
Introducing our meal kits in new markets
Greenyard Fresh developed its meal kits in close collaboration with one of its largest customers. The kits contain all the necessary ingredients to cook a fresh, tasty and healthy meal in less than half an hour. They met with immediate success in the Dutch home market and are now being introduced in other markets and with other customers. In each case, the kits will be carefully tailored to fit the retailer’s positioning and specific consumer habits.
Cauliflower rice
Cauliflower rice receives major awards
Since its introduction in 2016, the cauliflower rice of Greenyard Frozen has received many international awards. Besides being a lowcarb substitute for rice, the frozen cauliflower rice is a versatile product that can be used in many ways: to make risotto, as an alternative to mashed potatoes or as the basis for a pizza crust. Firmly in line with the healthy eating trend, it also provides the convenience modern consumers are looking for.
Greenyard backs start-ups
If we find young companies with revolutionary concepts that are a perfect example of Greenyard’s vision to help people enjoy fruit and vegetables at any moment, easy, fast and pleasurable, we back these companies and try to help them with the development of these ideas.