The Alberts Smoothie Station -
Alberts smoothie station
Answering to consumer trends
The smoothie vending machine is unique as it shows consumers the ingredients it uses. It prepares smoothies in less than 90 seconds. Moreover, through a dedicated app it is possible to create your own personalised smoothie recipe and have the machine prepare it. This distinctive feature responds to the 'on the go trend' and caters to the growing demand for tailor-made experiences.
Smoothie cup
Long-term perspectives
The smoothie machine was conceived by three young Belgian entrepreneurs. Greenyard’s decision to support the concept was based largely on the fact that it creates an additional sales opportunity for frozen fruits and vegetables. Its innovative character can result in the development of similar applications for other target groups and products, such as soups. To this end, Alberts will work closely with Greenyard’s Frozen division.
Smoothie maker
Market debut
Recently a leading Belgian supermarket installed several vending machines in Belgium. They are part of a larger trial with 10 machines in various stores.
Nutritional values
If we find young companies with revolutionary concepts that are a perfect example of Greenyard’s vision to help people enjoy fruit and vegetables at any moment, easy, fast and pleasurable, we back these companies and try to help them with the development of these ideas.