Food waves -
Inspiring the consumer – surfing the food waves
People are increasingly conscious about what they eat and the effect of their eating habits on their health and their environment. Consumption patterns are rapidly evolving, in line with new lifestyles. With new trends emerging every day, it is hard to tell what our future diet will look like. One thing is sure, though. Fruit and vegetables will play a key role.
1. Scattered Health
Health is the dominant food trend. Millions of people believe food and health are connected and that it is possible to influence their health by making the right food choices. But not everyone has the same vision of what healthy food could be. There are many different opinions and truths out there: vegan, low-carb, sugar-free, ...
2. Plant Power
Our future diet is plant-based. It is becoming increasingly clear that fruit and vegetables will be key in sustainably feeding an increasing world population. Moreover, people are rediscovering the abundance of flavors, colors, forms and textures that natural products have to offer.
3. Earth Conscious
People are developing a better understanding of the impact their eating habits have on the environment. They expect food companies and retailers to take on their responsibility by preventing food waste, reducing food miles, safeguarding biodiversity, recycling packaging and making use of imperfect produce.
4. Nomadic Eating
People are leading increasingly flexible lifestyles. Work, family life, education, travel and social events are blurring boundaries. Fixed eating moments are disappearing in favor of on-the-go consumption. Food products are being redesigned to fit this new consumption pattern.
5. Convenience XL
People love food made from fresh ingredients. But in our busy lives we do not always have the time to plan, buy and cook food. Consumers welcome any solution that saves time, as the growing success of ready-to-eat meals proves. But people want it to be fresher, healthier and safer.
6. The New Q
Our romantic ideas about farming are slowly giving way to a more rationalised approach to food, highly influenced by new technologies to grow, preserve and produce food. The road is now open to personalised food that contains the exact nutrients needed by an individual at any given time.
If we find young companies with revolutionary concepts that are a perfect example of Greenyard’s vision to help people enjoy fruit and vegetables at any moment, easy, fast and pleasurable, we back these companies and try to help them with the development of these ideas.