Exploring new ways to enjoy fruit & vegetables

Innovation is the key to help more people enjoy the many benefits of fruit and vegetables. We are constantly looking for new ways to delight and surprise consumers.

A consumer-centric approach
The consumer is always at the heart of our thinking. We have identified four drivers for the consumption of fruit and vegetables, which we use as the basis for the development of new products and category management.
Fresh snacks
Fruit and vegetables are a source of pleasure, offering a rich variety in taste and textures. Greenyard intends to bring as many of them as possible to a wider public, encouraging consumers to try new varieties and new combinations and mixes.
Frozen vegetables
Greenyard caters to the needs of a growing group of consumers that strive for a healthier diet, with the necessary vitamins, minerals and fibers. We are continuously looking for ways to reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt in our products to an absolute minimum.
Vegetables spaghetti
People spend considerably less time in the kitchen than they did twenty years ago. Greenyard develops new products and concepts that reduce preparation times, without any compromise on taste or nutritional values. By developing direct store delivery services, we make it easier to purchase and distribute fresh produce.
Prepared bio soup
Waste & economy
Food waste is a major concern among today’s consumers. Greenyard invests in products and packaging that allows them to better portion their food, avoiding waste. Our advanced ripening centres and flexible logistics ensure our fresh fruit and vegetables always arrive in the stores when they are at their best.
Grow Bag
Greenyard backs start-ups
If we find young companies with revolutionary concepts that are a perfect example of Greenyard’s vision to help people enjoy fruit and vegetables at any moment, easy, fast and pleasurable, we back these companies and try to help them with the development of these ideas.