Greenyard's Annual Report 2022-2023 -
Annual Report 2022 -2023
Message from our founder and our CEO
The time is now – Greenyard at the heart of the global transition to healthier food
Environmental, Social & Economic impact
Sustainability: at the heart of our company
Pure power of plants
The pure power of plants as part of the solution
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Driven by passion and people
People are the real driving force behind Greenyard. It is their hard work, their knowledge and their passion that have made our company what it is today
Greenyard at a glance
Strategy 2030
Our ambition is clear: improve life through plant-based offerings which enable healthier lifestyles and more sustainable food supply chains. Discover how we bring this ambition to life in our day-to-day business.
Message CFO
On a steady course towards a healthier future for all
Full year & half year reports
Read up on our financial performances from previous years.
Investor relations
Discover more information for investors and bondholders.