Board of Directors & advisory Committees -
Composition of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is composed of nine directors, of whom one is an executive director and four are independent directors within the meaning of article 7:87, §1 of the Belgian Companies and Associations Code. At least one-third of the members of the Board of Directors are of the opposite gender to the remaining members. The composition of the Board of Directors is further based on diversity in terms of age and gender and diversity in general as well as complementarity of skills, experience and knowledge.

Director                                                                               Appointment           Termination

Deprez invest NV, rep. by Mr Hein Deprez (1)                    20/09/2019                AGM 2023

Ahok BV, rep. by Mr Koen Hoffman (2) *                            04/10/2017                AGM 2022

Ms Hilde Laga (2)                                                                   20/09/2019                AGM 2023

Gescon BV, rep. by Mr Dirk Van Vlaenderen (2)                20/09/2019                AGM 2023

Aalt Dijkhuizen B.V., rep. by Mr Aalt Dijkhuizen (2)            18/09/2020                AGM 2024

Management Deprez BV, rep. by Ms Veerle Deprez        20/09/2019                AGM 2023

Galuciel BV, rep. by Ms Valentine Deprez                         18/02/2021                AGM 2023

Bonem Beheer BV, rep. by Mr Marc Ooms                      20/09/2019                AGM 2023

Alychlo NV, rep. by Mr Marc Coucke                                01/04/2021                AGM 2023

(1) Executive
(2) Independent
* Chairman

Audit committee:

  • Mr Dirk Van Vlaenderen (Gescon BV) *
  • Ms Hilde Laga
  • Ms Veerle Deprez (Management Deprez BV)

Nomination and Remuneration committee:

  • Mr Aalt Dijkhuizen (Aalt Dijkhuizen B.V.) *
  • Ms Veerle Deprez (Management Deprez BV)
  • Mr Koen Hoffman (Ahok BV)

* Chairman

Composition of the Advisory Committees
The Board of Directors has established two Advisory Committees: the Audit Committee, and the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. The aim of these Committees is to analyze specific matters and to advice the Board of Directors hereof.
Corporate Governance
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