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Greenyard convertible bond - € 125 million
On December 22, 2016 Greenyard successfully issued a € 125m convertible bond (ISIN BE6291563466) which is quoted on the Frankfurt Freiverkehr market.

Below are the main Terms & Conditions:

* Issuer: FieldLink NV (wholly owned subsidiary of Greenyard NV)
* Guarantor: Greenyard NV
* Underlying shares: GREEN BB
* Maturity: December 22, 2021 ( 5 years)
* Issue size: EUR 125 million
* Coupon: 3.75% per annum (payable semi-annually, in arrears)
* Conversion premium: 25%
* Conversion price: EUR 16.6534 (Launch: EUR 17.43)
* Investor put: None but Change of control event, free float event & delisting event
* Investor call: Non-callable 3 years; Soft call 130%
* Dividend protection: Full
* % of total shares outstanding: 16.2%
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