Improving life. – Greenyard is ready for a sustainable future

Greenyard’s Sustainability Report 2022, that was published today, shows that we have embarked on our journey to realise the ambitions we published last year in our Sustainability Roadmap. In fact, our Sustainability ambitions have been sharpened even further and we ensured that sustainability took centre-stage in our Strategy 2030.

Greenyard's fifth Sustainability Report clearly shows that sustainability is at the heart of our business. With the introduction of our sustainability database and reporting tool it is ever more embedded into our daily operations.

Last year, we introduced the 2025 Roadmap and the ambitious targets that go with it. It set out our vision of becoming a driving force in the transition to healthier lifestyles and more sustainable food supply chains.

This past year, we have continued to drive forward that Sustainability Roadmap. And have taken the necessary steps to create a fact-based foundation for our sustainability efforts. To name a few: The recent launch of our new KPI management system to monitor our key sustainability indicators and follow up on our progress. Or the realisation of a double materiality assessment earlier this year for example.

These steps are necessary to provide tangible insights in our progress to move our company forward towards our 2025 sustainability goals. To achieve these ambitious goals, last year we decided a.o. to move towards a full electric car policy in our core markets and installed more than 8000 solar panels on the roof of the new warehouse in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands.

In our vision, sustainability is a driving force for fundamental change in our sector. But the key to success is strong cooperation with all parties in the chain, right up until the end-consumer. Together with our customers, growers and these other stakeholders, we believe we can make a big impact with every step we take in the right direction.

Discover the full Sustainability Report here.