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Greenyard Prepared provides food companies with ingredients to produce their own salads, meal-kits, ready-made meals and other applications.

Mushroom concentrates
Finèce MC60
This liquid mushroom concentrate as flavor enhancer is purely made from our own blanching water. Nothing else is added; it is 100% mushroom juice evaporated into a concentrate. Finèce MC60 is naturally rich in amino acids giving umami taste.
Finèce MC60 is an excellent ingredient for liquid fonds, sauces, gravies and soups. At normal dosages (0.2 - 1.0 %) it is neutral in flavor and does not give any mushroom flavor. Because of the high brix it is easy to store for longer time in conditioned places.

Mushroom concentrates
Finèce MP45
This product is a spray dried flavor enhancer made from our mushroom concentrate, also naturally rich in amino acids giving umami taste.

Finèce MP45 is easy to use in all dry blending applications such as spice mixes, instant soups and ready meals. At normal dosages (0.2-1.0 %) it is neutral in flavor and does not give any mushroom flavor.
We offer industrial customers a wide range of vegetables in large cans, polybags or plastic containers. They are used as the basis for ready-made meals, salads and other recipes. We help customers select the right product and packaging for their specific application.
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smokehouse burger
Mushrooms to Blend
The unique composition of mushrooms perfectly fits in the world wide quest for healthy meals that contain less meat. Based on mushrooms we have developed a tasty alternative for meat and a good addition to the existing vegetarian product store display.

This new ingredient is a versatile ingredient that consists of 100% mushroom, for applications in :
Hybrid meat products
Vegetarian products
Vegan products

It is ready to use, you only need to blend it in your recipe.
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Greenyard Prepared offers a wide and diverse range of preserved fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, along with ready-made products such as soups, sauces, dips and pasta dishes. We develop products tailored to our customers’ needs and can adapt composition, flavor and packaging to their wishes.