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Social impact


An important social aspect of our sustainability strategy is ensuring the availability and affordability of the healthy products that we bring to the market, whether in fresh, frozen or prepared format. Through the active promotion of fruit and vegetables, we stimulate consumers to increase the share of fruit and vegetables in their daily diets. This benefits their own health and results in lower healthcare costs in the long run. To do our part, we constantly keep in mind the accessibility and convenience of our products, ensuring the healthy choice is also the easy one.

Ecology (environmental impact) and affordability can be a balancing act in the short term. Greenyard acknowledges this and teams up with farmers to support their compliance efforts, always keeping the long-term benefits and needs in mind.

More and directly tangible are the social aspects happening today and impacting all people involved in our food supply chain. We have established our policy in this respect with our internal Code of Conduct and our external Supplier Code of Conduct. We prioritise fostering an environment of respect for all individuals involved in the food value chain, placing particular emphasis on ensuring safe working conditions and fair wages. We expect that those collaborating with us, directly or indirectly, adopt a similar approach, and we exclusively engage with suppliers who comply to social laws and regulations, and commit to enhancing their performance in this regard.

Responsible sourcing
Greenyard expects all its employees to value and respect anyone who works with us
Health & nutrition
Fruit and vegetables bring a great combination of high nutritional value, fibres, minerals and vitamins that are essential to our well-being.
Talent attraction & employee development
Greenyard offers a wide range of formal and informal training programmes to its employees.
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Greenyard aims to source its fruit and vegetables in a sustainable manner, respecting nature and providing growers with a fair return. Our Sustainability pages clearly demonstrate our ultimate goal to improve life.