Greens of the Future: how Greenyard establishes a responsible supply of fair trade bananas!

Greenyard is committed to reducing its environmental impact and building sustainable partnerships. One example? Sourcing bananas in Ecuador via Fruta Rica. 

We like our fruits not only fresh, but also fair. So, we decided to team up with Fruta Rica, an Ecuadorian organisation that focuses on fairtrade and aims for a sustainable agriculture production model validating the implementation of some different certification schemes such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, GLOBALG.A.P., GRASP, SPRING etc. depending on the retailers' requirements. Via them, we work with 50 small and mid-sized family-managed banana farms that export their produce to Greenyard Fresh Germany.  

In addition to ensuring fair wages for farmers, we want to help them build a safe working environment. Together with Fruta Rica, we provide chemical management training and monitor their farms providing appropriate personal protective equipment to their field and packhouse workers, as well as first aid training to all farm personnel.  

We also take care of the people who live and work on the farms of Fruta Rica, making sure their living conditions are up to standard, ensuring that their infrastructure adheres to strict safety and hygiene standards, and providing access to timely and high-quality healthcare. 

Lowering the curve on waste and water 

In addition to helping our associated banana farmers optimise their organisations, Greenyard Fresh Germany works with them and Fruta Rica to improve (their) water, soil and waste management. 

With regards to water management, the farmers are being coached on how to treat residue water in a simple, cost-effective and ecological way. Once a year, the water is monitored by an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory to validate compliance with the regulations. 

To foster good waste management practices, the banana plantations are encouraged to recycle and reuse wherever possible. For example, organic and non-organic waste are separated and properly disposed of. Green barriers between farms and housing, green soil coverage and drainage are also used to protect the environment and improve soil management.

Want to know more about where our delicious produce comes from and how we work with our partners? Download our sustainability report.